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For cognac drinks

Natural cork-wood corks

Description: T-shaped corks of natural corkwood (category either Super or Extra) from aggolomerated and layered corkwood, with an additional combined top section (Camus-type) are ideal for brandys and cognacs. The upper of the cap can be made of different materials – from different shades of plastic, from wood, from transparent polymer, plastic with additional coating, or glass. The producer's logo can be embossed on the top of the cap, and similarly closed with a foil seal. It is also possible to produce wood-effect plastic caps, by using a new kind of technology.

Size: 26,8/9х18,0/18,5/19,0; 27/9х18,5/19,0; 28/8х18/18,5/19,0/19,5; 29/9х19,0/19,520,0; 31/10х19,5/20,0/21,0; 46/17/24х18,5/19,0/19,5; 50/23х18,0/19,0; 51/18/23х18,0/18,5х19,0 and another.

Polylaminate Capsules

Description: A decorative kind of seal made from aluminium foil, for packaging many kinds of drinks. The thickness of the polylaminate material is 100-110 microns. Any manufacturer's logo can be displayed on the top or side surfaces of the capsule. Using a perforation process on the capsules makes for easy bottle-opening. When the capsules are fitted, they take on the shape of the bottles completely. The seals come in all sizes, individually made for any bottle being used by the customers. The height of the seals can be from 30 to 70mm.

Size: 27х44; 29х55; 30х50/60; 31х55; 33х60/70; 34х50/60/70 и др.
Hight: from 30 to 70mm.

Up-market glassware (decanters)

Description:  Up-market glassware for cognac beverages

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