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For non-alcoholic drinks

Aluminium Seals «GD»

Description: GD Aluminium seals are specially designed for packaging mineral water – either still or sparkling. They measure 28 x 15.4 mm, with a polymer ring and compound from different producers. They are made in standard colours, and the producer's logo can be added. The compound conceals blemishes in the neck section of the bottle, and prevents the escape of gas.

Special Corks

Description: We'd like to draw your attention to these special corks, which offer immediate injection of fruit or berry concentrates at the moment the bottle is opened.

Aluminium seals «Talog»

Description: Talog seals (28 x 16) with a plastic protective ring for sealing water, beer, or juices in glassware containers and PET-bottles. Any kind of manufacturer's logo can be applies to the upper side of the seal. The lower protective ring is produced in standard colours at the customer's choice: white, yellow, blue, green, or red. These seals suit any kind of containers, but are particularly needed for all kinds of fizzy drinks.

Seals «Alu-star»

Description: Alu-Star seals come in a 28 x 16 mm size, with a tear-off aluminium ring. They make an unusual way for packaging fizzy drinks. All that's needed for the sealing process is a small alteration to the equipment used for standard 28 x 15.4mm seals.

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