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For still and sparkling wines

Cork stopper

Description: Natural, agglomerated or micro-agglomerated plug is the most in-demand product. Is used for sealing of still and sparkling wine bottles. Logo may be applied on the side surface and the top with paint or by annealing.

Basic dimensions: 33х23, 35х23, 38х23, 44х24, 47х29, etc.



Description: A muzzle is a special wire cork-restraining device used for sealing sparkling wines.

Decorative capsules


Description: Decorative plastic capsules. Are used as decoration, added to the general apperance of the bottles and put on top of the sealed beverage.



Description: «Zork» – is a plastic seal and cork-closure for packaging still or sparkling wines which come in bottles with a modified bottle-rim. Zork offers excellent gas retention, as well as easy opening. Zork can be used to reseal an already open bottle, for enjoyment of the remaining wine later. When using Zork to seal champagne-style and sparkling wines, it doesn't require a wired muzzle. It's the only seal in the world of corks which combines the convenience of opening bottles by hand with the famous festive opening “pop!” (due to its special polyethylene piston construction).

Aluminum caps

Description: Aluminum caps for wine bottles 30x60 are an easy solution for sealing of wine bottles. Special double gaskets in the caps exclude the risk of wine spoiling, keep the taste and smell of wine. Logo can be applied to the side surface and top of the cap. Use of paints visible only in UV radiation ensures high protection against forgery.

For cognac drinks

Natural cork-wood corks

Description: T-shaped corks of natural corkwood (category either Super or Extra) from aggolomerated and layered corkwood, with an additional combined top section (Camus-type) are ideal for brandys and cognacs. The upper of the cap can be made of different materials – from different shades of plastic, from wood, from transparent polymer, plastic with additional coating, or glass. The producer's logo can be embossed on the top of the cap, and similarly closed with a foil seal. It is also possible to produce wood-effect plastic caps, by using a new kind of technology.

Size: 26,8/9х18,0/18,5/19,0; 27/9х18,5/19,0; 28/8х18/18,5/19,0/19,5; 29/9х19,0/19,520,0; 31/10х19,5/20,0/21,0; 46/17/24х18,5/19,0/19,5; 50/23х18,0/19,0; 51/18/23х18,0/18,5х19,0 and another.

Polylaminate Capsules

Description: A decorative kind of seal made from aluminium foil, for packaging many kinds of drinks. The thickness of the polylaminate material is 100-110 microns. Any manufacturer's logo can be displayed on the top or side surfaces of the capsule. Using a perforation process on the capsules makes for easy bottle-opening. When the capsules are fitted, they take on the shape of the bottles completely. The seals come in all sizes, individually made for any bottle being used by the customers. The height of the seals can be from 30 to 70mm.

Size: 27х44; 29х55; 30х50/60; 31х55; 33х60/70; 34х50/60/70 и др.
Hight: from 30 to 70mm.

Up-market glassware (decanters)

Description:  Up-market glassware for cognac beverages

For vodka drinks

Aluminium Seals «Excellent»


Description: The main feature of these seals is that the threaded section of the seal isn't damaged when they are twisted off. This makes for a great visual appearance when you are putting a product onto the market. Using these special Excellent aluminium seals offers famous brands reliable protection against fake knock-offs made by unscrupulous competitors.

Size: 28х18; 28х38/44; 30х50/60; 31,5х24/60.

Aluminium Seals «Excap»


Description: Excap Metal Seals are ideal for packaging all kinds of alcoholic drinks. These seals emphasise a unique kind of product.

Size: 30х24; 35х19,5.

Aluminium Seals «Level»

Description: These seals can be produced with any kind of manufacturer's logo, or with embassing. There are different diameters and colours available.

Size: GPI 400/22; GPI 400/24; GPI 400/28; GPI 400/30; GPI 400/33; GPI 400/38.

Aluminium lids «Pedi»

Description: PEDI are lids for capping glass-made glasses of different capacities and diameters, in standard colours. It's possible to apply a manufacturer's logo to the upper side of the cap. It remains in place even when the lid has been opened.

Size: d=50; d=62 и др.

Polymer bottle corks

Description: Polymer t-shaped corks can be manufactured either as combination corks or as solid. It's possible to manufacture the tops of these corks from different materials: plastic, wood, aluminium, glass, or other materials. Solid corks are made with a ventilation groove for the release of gas – either in cylindrical or grooved shape.

Size: 27/8х17,5/18,0/18,5; 28/10х18,5/19,0; 29/13х18,5/19,0/19,5/20/21/22; 35/13х21/22/23.

For beer drinks

«Swing Top» stoppers

Описание: The swing top stopper, reusable, designed for sealing of beer, carbonated beverages in glass bottles. The stopper is combined, consists of a plastic or ceramic cap with a gasket and a wire holder made of stainless steel. Logo can be applied, including by way of embossing, on the top part of the stopper.

For non-alcoholic drinks

Aluminium Seals «GD»

Description: GD Aluminium seals are specially designed for packaging mineral water – either still or sparkling. They measure 28 x 15.4 mm, with a polymer ring and compound from different producers. They are made in standard colours, and the producer's logo can be added. The compound conceals blemishes in the neck section of the bottle, and prevents the escape of gas.

Special Corks

Description: We'd like to draw your attention to these special corks, which offer immediate injection of fruit or berry concentrates at the moment the bottle is opened.

Aluminium seals «Talog»

Description: Talog seals (28 x 16) with a plastic protective ring for sealing water, beer, or juices in glassware containers and PET-bottles. Any kind of manufacturer's logo can be applies to the upper side of the seal. The lower protective ring is produced in standard colours at the customer's choice: white, yellow, blue, green, or red. These seals suit any kind of containers, but are particularly needed for all kinds of fizzy drinks.

Seals «Alu-star»

Description: Alu-Star seals come in a 28 x 16 mm size, with a tear-off aluminium ring. They make an unusual way for packaging fizzy drinks. All that's needed for the sealing process is a small alteration to the equipment used for standard 28 x 15.4mm seals.


Labels «Luxe»

Description: Labels embossed with either tin or aluminium. A self-adhesive combination label with a thickness of 50-80 microns. These labels are manufactured individually to the customer's requirements. With embossed detail and foil stamping. The producer's logo can be applied. Label sizes vary from standard through to exclusive.

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