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For vodka drinks

Aluminium Seals «Excellent»


Description: The main feature of these seals is that the threaded section of the seal isn't damaged when they are twisted off. This makes for a great visual appearance when you are putting a product onto the market. Using these special Excellent aluminium seals offers famous brands reliable protection against fake knock-offs made by unscrupulous competitors.

Size: 28х18; 28х38/44; 30х50/60; 31,5х24/60.

Aluminium Seals «Excap»


Description: Excap Metal Seals are ideal for packaging all kinds of alcoholic drinks. These seals emphasise a unique kind of product.

Size: 30х24; 35х19,5.

Aluminium Seals «Level»

Description: These seals can be produced with any kind of manufacturer's logo, or with embassing. There are different diameters and colours available.

Size: GPI 400/22; GPI 400/24; GPI 400/28; GPI 400/30; GPI 400/33; GPI 400/38.

Aluminium lids «Pedi»

Description: PEDI are lids for capping glass-made glasses of different capacities and diameters, in standard colours. It's possible to apply a manufacturer's logo to the upper side of the cap. It remains in place even when the lid has been opened.

Size: d=50; d=62 и др.

Polymer bottle corks

Description: Polymer t-shaped corks can be manufactured either as combination corks or as solid. It's possible to manufacture the tops of these corks from different materials: plastic, wood, aluminium, glass, or other materials. Solid corks are made with a ventilation groove for the release of gas – either in cylindrical or grooved shape.

Size: 27/8х17,5/18,0/18,5; 28/10х18,5/19,0; 29/13х18,5/19,0/19,5/20/21/22; 35/13х21/22/23.

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